Revealed: the most stolen cars in 2015

2 Jun 2016 16:04:51

Revealed: The Most Stolen Cars in 2015


It has been revealed that the most stolen car in the UK is the Range Rover Sport.

Figures released by stolen vehicle recovery firm Tracker, showed that the Range Rover Sport, was the top of three Range Rovers on the list, including the Vogue and top-end Autobiography edition.

The results were compiled for the year 2015 and also showed SUV’s make up to 50% of cars targeted  - the rest including Audis, BMWs and Mercedes.

Trackerfit's dedicated police liaison team work together with the policeTracker has a dedicated police liaison team, which includes former police officers who work with all of the UK's police forces, and are able to find stolen cars across the UK.

According to Police, Greater London is the hotspot for the most cars being stolen and recovered, with surrounding areas Essex, Hertfordshire, and Surrey being the targeted areas - they also revealed that the introduction of keyless vehicles makes cars increasingly susceptible to hacking, here's how thieves use electronic devices to steal cars.


Revealed: The UK's Car Crime Hotspots

Greater London is the hotspot for the most cars being stolenStats showed the listed cars stolen range from £25,610 for the BMW 3-Series to £92,450 for the Range Rover Autobiography.

Over 1,500 police vehicles and 30 helicopters across the UK have Tracker detection systems fitted, with a commitment to increase that number.

Tracker's Very High Frequency (VHF) stolen vehicle recovery systems work like an electronic homing device. A covert transmitter is hidden discretely in one of several dozen places around your vehicle. 


There is no visible aerial or other identifying feature so the thief can't see it and won't know it's there. Tracker have their own, purpose-built, radio network dedicated to getting your vehicle back fast!

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