What is the best car tracker for BMW’s?

15 May 2023 14:07:49

BMW car

When it comes to luxurious performance vehicles, BMW has established itself as a brand synonymous with excellence. With its impeccable blend of style, power, and cutting-edge technology, owning a BMW is a true privilege. 

However,BMW's reputation for luxury and performance unfortunately makes it a prime target for thieves in the UK. Safeguarding your investment from potential theft or unauthorized use is of paramount importance! This is where car trackers come into play.

In this blog post, we will delve into the realm of BMW car trackers and explore the finest options available on the market. By investing in a reliable tracker, you can ensure the safety and security of your prized possession, providing you with peace of mind.

What is a BMW tracker and why do I need one?

A BMW tracker combines the latest navigational technology with various security features, giving it the power to track and protect your car if it’s stolen.

Unsurprisingly, both the BMW 3 Series and the BMW 5 Series were listed among the top 10 most stolen cars in the UK in 2023. As the owner of an elite car like a BMW, it becomes crucial to take every possible measure to protect it. A vehicle tracker not only acts as a powerful deterrent against theft but also enables you to gather valuable performance data.

In fact, some insurance companies may require the installation of a tracker before they provide coverage for your BMW. And even if it is not mandatory, fitting a tracker will significantly enhance your peace of mind by ensuring you always have the ability to locate your vehicle.

Which BMW Tracker Should You Buy ?

There are a lot of Trackers for BMW’s, making it difficult to choose which one will be best for you. Before choosing a tracking device, consider your budget as well as what you hope to gain from having a BMW tracker. 

Here at TrackerFit, we offer a range of BMW car trackers tailored to suit your specific needs. Rest assured, our selection comprises the very best in the market. By choosing one of our trackers, you can rest easy knowing that your BMW is equipped with cutting-edge technology designed to keep it safe and secure.

The best types of car trackers are those that are classes as Thatcham S5 and Thatcham S7.

S7 Trackers for BMW’s

TrackerFit offers nationwide installation services for S7 Trackers specifically designed for BMW vehicles. While most insurers require S5 trackers for BMW models, their requirements can be somewhat vague, allowing you the freedom to choose the tracker category you prefer. That makes S7 trackers great for insurance purposes!

Many drivers opt for an S7 tracker due to its affordability. However, it's important not to underestimate the effectiveness of an S7 tracker for BMW in terms of security. It offers a wide range of features similar to the S5 tracker, with the only notable difference being the absence of the ADR system as a standard feature.

With features like global coverage, tamper alerts, and a 24/7 control room, the S7 tracker is a game-changer when it comes to swiftly apprehending car thieves within minutes of a vehicle being stolen. If your insurance provider has not explicitly mandated an S5 tracker, they will likely be satisfied with the installation of an S7 tracker.

Trackstar S7 TM470

Trackstar S7 TM470

This Thatcham Approved Tracker is our top choice for S7 tracking devices! First class features on this BMW-compatible vehicle tracker include using motion sensing technology to detect whether your BMW is being moved illegally, which is monitored 24/7 by the Trackstar National Control Centre. The device will then liaise with the police automatically if a theft is taking place and continue tracking the car’s location with the latest GPS technology. The Trackstar S7 TM470 has been endorsed by police authorities and approved by BMW itself, making it a credible and reliable way to protect your BMW against theft.

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S5 Trackers for BMW’s

Certain insurance companies have strict requirements regarding the type of device to be installed on your car, according to your policy. As a result, the enhanced security provided by S5 trackers is becoming the standard protocol for many BMW models.

The S5 tracker encompasses all the features of the S7 tracker, but with the valuable addition of the comprehensive ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) System. With the ADR system, you receive an ADR fob that remains with you whenever you use your vehicle, serving as an identifier that you are the authorized driver.

In the unfortunate event of a thief attempting a relay attack, stealing, or cloning your keys, an instant alert is triggered in the control room. They will promptly contact you to confirm whether a theft is taking place. If theft is confirmed, the control room takes immediate control of the tracking process and guides the responding police unit to recover your vehicle swiftly and efficiently!

Trackstar S5

Trackstar S5

Approved by BMW as part of the trusted Trackstar range and created in accordance with the nation's most trusted motoring regulator, Thatcham, safety is at the heart of the Trackstar S5.

The Trackstar S5 uses an Advance Driver Recognition system which comes with 2 driver ID tags. If someone attempts to drive your car without one of these tags, the S5 will immediately alert that there is a potential theft.

The Trackstar Security Operations Centre monitors this globally 24-hours a day, and will attempt to call you to verify whether it is a theft and continue to track the car's location. You’re also able to monitor this yourself via an app. This allows immediate action to be taken and ensures the best chance of recovering your car, as it is equipped with the best GPS technology to direct police.

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At TrackerFit, we understand the significance of security and peace of mind. That's why we offer a wide range of tracking solutions that cater to all budgets. Whether you're seeking basic functionality or advanced features, we have the perfect car tracker for you. Moreover, our nationwide installation service, carried out exclusively by Thatcham approved installers, is included in the price, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


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