What do car trackers do?

Car trackers are becoming more and more common, and with car thefts last year rising as much as 56% according to the ONS, it has never made more sense to invest in one. With the use of car trackers justifiably on the rise, it's time for you to learn more about what they are and why you should consider investing in one.

What exactly is a car tracker?

A car tracker is quite simply a small device that is installed into your car. Trackers vary in size and price, and can have a variety of different features depending on what you're hoping to achieve. But they all have the fundamental functionality of allowing the location of the vehicle to be tracked and monitored, often in real time.


What do trackers do - rightHow does it work?

Car trackers work relatively simply by broadcasting a GPS signal to a relevant satellite, which in turn broadcasts that information back down to an appropriate receiver. Depending on the individual tracker you have installed, this receiver could be a manned computer of a specialist service provider, or it could be simply an app on your phone. Some tracking devices work via radio or cellular frequencies, but the principals remain the same.





Do you need one - leftDo you really need one?

There's certainly no legal obligation to get a car tracker fitted, however with car thieves taking a shine to very specific makes and models of car it may well be a more pressing decision depending on what you drive.

If you've any of these most commonly targeted cars sitting outside your home, you might want to think that little bit harder about getting a tracker installed.

The tracker will activate as soon as the car is stolen, which means the police can get up to date information on its precise location, which should lead to you getting your car back and the thieves being apprehended much faster.


But aside from these advantages, should the worst happen and your car is stolen, a tracker has another benefit. Everyone wants to save money on their car insurance, and a tracker system is actually a great way to save money on your car insurance premiums. The likelihood of your car being written off or severely damaged is reduced with a tracker, therefore making it much less of a liability in the eyes of the insurer.

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