The 7 best anti-theft devices for your car in 2023

9 Jan 2023 10:48:23

The 7 best antitheft devices for your car in 2023

Installing an anti-theft device reduces the chances your car will be stolen and may also earn you a discount on your car insurance premiums. These theft deterrents range from steering wheel locks to alarms and tracking devices and can stop even the most determined thieves.

  1. Steering wheel locks 

It may be old school, but securing your car with a wheel lock is still as effective as ever. Wheel locks make an excellent visual deterrent which will prevent your car from being broken into as well as it being stolen. Most thieves will move on to the next car if they spot a steering wheel lock, so it’s a worthy investment. 

Brake lock

  1. Brake lock

Similar to a wheel lock, brake locks are a physical deterrent. They attach to the brake or clutch pedal and work by locking them to the steering wheel at a fixed length, stopping the pedals from being used. Once locked in place, brake locks can only be removed with their key, ensuring any thief is not able to drive your car away. 

Again, seeing this kind of device often prevents your car from being broken into in the first place too. 

  1. Tyre clamps

Instead of using a lock on your steering wheel or brake, you could use a clamped wheel or boot. These locks attach to your wheel to prevent it from turning, which makes the car undrivable but also acts as a visual deterrent too. 

GPS Tracking Device

  1. GPS tracking device 

A GPS tracker is the best anti-theft device for your car. Not only do they deter thieves, but they give you a much better chance of getting it back if it is taken. GPS tracking systems continually track the location of your vehicle, so you can quickly and easily see where your car is at any given time. If your car is taken, you can share this information with the police, assisting them in recovering your car before it’s damaged.

More advanced models can even come with added security features, such as alerting you if your car is moved or allowing you to immobilise your car from a distance. 

Compare the best car trackers to prevent theft by reading our recent blog post: The best anti-theft car trackers.

  1. Alarms

A car alarm is another of the best anti-theft devices on the market! They’re great for alerting anyone in the vicinity that someone is trying to mess with your car. Often triggered by a window being broken or vibrations by someone trying to get into your car, the alarm will emit a loud noise that immediately stops any thief in their tracks, often causing them to run away to avoid being caught in the act.


  1. Dashcam

Just like we trust security cameras to prevent theft in shops, cameras can also be used

to prevent car theft. Installing a dashcam in your car will allow you to record what happens out on the road, but can also monitor your car while it’s parked up. If you choose to purchase a good model, the dashcam will include sensors that start recording if they detect any unusual activity.

Again, this type of car safety feature can act as a visual deterrent, preventing thieves from even trying to steal your car. However, if they do, you’ll have footage of the whole act which you can share with the police or your insurance company.

  1. Key pouches

Keyless car theft is a very real threat. Thieves use a device that mimics the wireless signals transmitted by a car owner’s key fob. This means they can steal a parked car in minutes by being in close range of the key. 

An easy way to prevent this crime is by keeping your keyless keys away from doors and windows and shutting any car keys in a special pouch, often called a Faraday pouch. They use magnetic material layers to block radio signals that thieves can intercept, preventing keyless car theft.


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