How it Works

Using the most advanced location technology and latest global positioning, mobile phone and motion sensing technology and installed discreetly in your vehicle our range of car trackers is the ideal tool to help in the in recovery of your stolen vehicle.

Your tracking device will be covertly and discreetly installed into the vehicle, using the latest installation techniques in order to keep thieves at bay. Our installations are carried out by accredited  engineers using the Thatcham and MESF code of practice.

How do Tracker Fit Trackers protect my vehicle?

  • By recognising illegal movement of your car or vehicle via its motion sensing technology.
  • Once you've confirmed the vehicle theft, a Secure Control Centre will begin tracking your vehicle and liase with the police until it is recovered.

All our vehicle trackers are insurance approved and installed by Thatcham Approved Installers.

Our control centres are manned 24 hours a day and all car tracking units have battery backup - giving you complete peace of mind that your vehicle is secure and protected.

How it Works - 3 Easy Steps:

How it Works

  1. Call our experts for advice then buy online at
  2. Our approved mobile engineer will arrive at your home/workplace to install the device at time convenient to yourself
  3. Your device will be made live and commissioned with the 24 hour Secure Monitoring Centre relevant to the product manufacturer


Below is a helpful factsheet on common GPS car tracker questions – if your query isn’t here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0800 756 5100 or 0330 999 3092 for free advice.

How soon can you install my tracker?

Once you have purchased your tracker, you can book an installation slot at a time and location that suits you – whether that’s at work or at home, or wherever you wish. In many cases, your tracker can be installed the very next day.

Are trackers specific to vehicle manufacturers or models?

There are a handful of trackers specifically made for a particular make of car, such as the Range Rover Trackstar and Jaguar Trackstar, but on the whole, trackers are not specific to a particular make or model of car. Manufacturers do recommend particular trackers for different makes and models however, due to their features – head to our Manufacturer Recommends page to find out more.

Will I receive a certificate for installation?

Yes – you will receive a certificate once your tracker has been installed. This will be a certificate from the tracker manufacturer and can be sent to your insurance company if necessary.

Can the tracker be transferred to a future vehicle?

The majority of trackers we offer are transferable to your next vehicle, another reason why they are a smart investment. Get in touch for more information.

What is the cost of subscription?

Subscription costs vary from tracker to tracker, and are usual available in a variety of timeframes - generally being more cost-effective if you choose a longer subscription. Give us a call to find out more.

What is the cheapest tracker you sell?

The most affordable car tracker we currently offer is the Tracker Retrieve (Battery Powered) tracker at £149.

Do you install trackers all over the UK

Yes! Our Thatcham approved mobile installers cover all areas of the UK and can install your car tracker at a time and place most convenient for you.

Do trackers come with a corresponding app?

The vast majority of car trackers we offer come with a corresponding app (supplied by the tracker manufacturer). These apps have several useful features and allow you to check up on your car with ease.

How do trackers work without internet?

A car tracker is a self-contained and highly intelligent piece of technology that does not require an internet connection to monitor your car’s location using GPS.

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