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REVEALED: The UK’s Car Crime Hotspots

24 Sep 2015 10:55:31


Vehicle owners living or working in the City of London look away now!


headerExclusive research found areas in the UK with the highest car thefts in relation to population in that area, and it doesn’t make good reading for those in the capital of England. By contrast those in Devon and Cornwall will sleep well knowing their vehicles are pretty safe, according to the statistics anyway!   

The study cross-referenced data provided by 42 Police forces from all over the UK with local population figures. The research found: 


hotspots graphicThe UK’s Car Crime Hotspots

  1. City of London
  2. Greater Manchester
  3. Metropolitan (London)
  4. Thames Valley
  5. Warwickshire


coldspots graphicThe UK’s Car Crime Coldspots

  1. Devon and Cornwall
  2. North Yorkshire
  3. Hampshire
  4. Hertfordshire
  5. Norfolk


A quick glance at the results and you’ll soon realise statistically speaking the UK’s car crime hotspots are more densely populated, urban areas, whereas those in rural areas are less likely to suffer the stress and heartache of having their most prized possession stolen.

So if you live in the city make sure you have your wits about you, car thieves


4.89% graphicWho Said It's Grim Up North? 

In recent years the North South divide has caused quite a stir due to various social and economic differences, but those in the North will be glad to know the South of England had 4.89% more car thefts per person in the past 5 years compared to the north of the country, see who said it’s grim up North?


A Positive Finding

But don’t worry guys, it’s not all bad news!

The study also revealed car theft is on a continual decline throughout the UK, partly down to advances in technology, especially car tracking devices like those sold here at Tracker Fit.

Read Six ways to protect your car from theft for further information on reducing the risk of car thieves targeting your car. 


If you'd like more information or advice and guidance on how a car tracker could keep your vehicle safe and secure then call our team of experts on 0800 756 5100



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