Tracker Retrieve (Trailer)

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£149.00 Fully Fitted (inc VAT)
  • Thatcham Cat 7 / S7 approved
  • Can be Tracked in Containers & Underground Carparks
  • Battery back-up + Battery disconnect alerts
  • Operates via a unique VHF signal
  • European coverage
  • 24-hour national emergency call centre

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£149.00 Fully Fitted (inc VAT)
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Product Information

TRACKER Retrieve Trailer Tracker: Insurance & Thatcham approved vehicle tracking system.

Suitable for all vehicles including trailers & caravans.

Price includes: Nationwide Installation at Home / Workplace, fitted by a Tracker Approved Engineer.

Main Features...

  • Worlds most advanced tracking device
  • Operates via a unique VHF (very high frequency) signal
  • Cost effective
  • 24-hour national emergency call centre
  • Thatcham Cat 7 / S7 approved
  • Installed by a TRACKER Installer anywhere in UK
  • Battery back-up + Battery disconnect alerts
  • Can be Tracked in Containers + Underground Carparks
  • 3 Year Warranty

Tracker Retrieve for trailers is installed covertly in the trailer by a Tracker approved engineer. The Tracker Retrieve Trailer unit is passive until Tracker activates it in the event of a theft, at which point it begins communicating with our network, as well as police cars and helicopters.

Tracker's VHF stolen vehicle recovery systems work like an electronic homing device. A covert transmitter is hidden discretely in one of several dozen places around your trailer/vehicle. There is no visible aerial or other identifying feature so the thief can't see it and won't know it's there. Tracker have their own, purpose-built, radio network dedicated to getting your vehicle back - fast!

Tracker’s proved VHF technology will be used by the police to locate the stolen vehicle to its exact location, even if it is hidden in a container or in the back of a lorry.

Unlike GPS and GSM based systems, VHF can still recover your vehicle even if it is in an underground car park, a shipping container or transported in a covered trailer. As soon as the active unit is within range of a Tracker equipped Police Vehicle it will be identified through a unique code known only to Tracker and the Police.

Tracking coverage throughout the UK, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Holland and Luxembourg

Subscription options:

  • First year subscription £119
  • 2 Year subscription £189
  • 3 Years subscription £239
  • 4 Years subscription £279
  • 5 Years subscription £319

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£149.00 Fully Fitted (inc VAT)

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