The Best Car Trackers for A Range Rover

7 Feb 2022 11:13:19

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According to the latest data from Tracker, the Range Rover Sport was the most recovered stolen vehicle in 2021. Whilst the news about the high number of thefts may be unwelcome, this data does show the value of having a car tracker installed.

Range Rovers Account for 44% Of Stolen Vehicles Recovered by Tracker

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Tracker have released data about the stolen cars which they recovered the most in 2021. The Range Rover Sport was the most recovered stolen vehicle for the third year running. It was also the third most stolen car overall in the UK. The Range Rover Autobiography was the second most recovered stolen vehicle by Tracker, followed by the Land Rover Discovery. 

Altogether, Range Rover accounted for 44% of stolen vehicles recovered by Tracker in 2021. This won’t come as a surprise to most people, as Range Rover combines style, heritage and superior performance to make it a truly iconic brand. Unfortunately, this prestigious image also makes them highly desirable to thieves, who target Range Rovers to sell abroad or chop up for parts. This makes it worthwhile investing in a car tracker to protect your Range Rover.

Car thieves are becoming more and more sophisticated, especially when targeting high-end cars like Range Rovers. Many thieves now employ relay theft techniques, which no longer require the theft of car keys or lock picking to enter a vehicle. Instead, thieves use technology which can pick up the signal from car keys and unlock the car. This means that traditional car security like car alarms or simply keeping your keys out of sight are no longer enough.

But there is hope! As Tracker’s data shows, car trackers are a great way to protect your car, which lead to recovery in the event of theft. Take a look at some of our top picks for car trackers for your Range Rover:

Range Rover Trackstar S5 Advance

Approved by Thatcham and Range Rover, the Trackstar S5 Advance offers the ultimate protection against theft. It comes with driver tags which can be attached to the car’s key ring. Once you exit the car with this ID tag, it will immobilise the engine within 30 seconds. The engine will then not start unless the ID tag is present. This means that your Range Rover is protected against relay thefts, as even though the thieves can access the car, they cannot start the engine.

If thieves manage to start the engine by stealing your ID tag, the 24/7 Trackstar Secure Operations Centre will be alerted and can track your car via GPS and GSM. This then provides the best chance of recovering your vehicle, with real time updates on the car’s location which can be passed on to police in pursuit.

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Tracker S5 Plus

This Thatcham approved Cat S5 car tracker comes with 2 driver ID tags, one of which must be present when driving. If an ID tag is not present, the system will alert to a theft and operators at Tracker’s 24/7 monitoring centre will contact the police. The Tracker S5 Plus uses a combination of GPS, GSM and VHF signals, which means it is trackable even in shipping containers or underground parking. This also means that thieves cannot jam the signal.

The Tracker S5 Plus is also motion sensing so the monitoring centre will still alert to thefts, even if thieves attempt to tow or roll the car. The Tracker S5 Plus really does offer the ultimate peace of mind.

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Range Rover Trackstar S7

This Thatcham approved car tracker has also been approved by Range Rover. The GPS tracking system immediately arms once the ignition is switched off and will alert the Control Centre if your Range Rover is moved illegally. The operatives in the Control Centre can then continue to track the car’s location to update police. You’ll also be able to monitor the location of the vehicle yourself via the Trackstar app.

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