Range Rover Tracking Systems

As one of the most sought-after cars on the market, and unfortunately, also one of the most appealing for thieves, Range Rover Tracking systems are becoming more of a necessity than an essential for vehicle owners.

The Range Rover Trafficmaster Trackstar is insurance-approved and suitable for all makes and models.

Key features 

• Could reduce insurance premiums. 
• Uses a unique motion sense detector to prevent illegal movement of your car. 
• Nationwide installation. 
• Full battery back-up. 


Benefits of fitting a Range Rover tracking system 

The reasons to get a tracker fitted on your vehicle, especially a Range Rover, may seem pretty obvious, but many of us still need convincing as to why trackers are important. First and foremost, a tracking system will deter car thieves and avoid any unnecessary stress and/or payments. 

Assisted by leading GPS technology, Range Rover Trackstar is able to pinpoint locations of stolen cars, and from that, can track it every 20 seconds. This best-in-class technology installed in the tracker means any vehicle can be located and recovered quickly and efficiently, meaning less stress and worry. 


Reductions in insurance premiums are also a big benefit of choosing to fit a tracker. Many insurance companies will recognise the security benefits of installing a tracking system, and it doesn’t just mean for younger drivers, either. Those of all ages can enjoy a potential reduction in insurance monthly or annual premiums thanks to trackers. 


TrackstarWhy choose a Trafficmaster Trackstar?

Endorsed by police, the Trafficmaster Trackstar is also insurance-approved, which means it could actually reduce your insurance premium with ease. It’s a win-win situation. Range Rover actually recommends the brand itself, so it’s one you can trust. 

Other trackers, including the SmarTrack Car Tracker, also offer similar benefits. Using GPS and detailed mapping screens, it alerts the police and any security or recovery services all for you, and will provide updates on the location of the vehicle right up until it’s located and recovered. 


Not only is Trafficmaster Trackstar approved for use by Range Rover, it’s also recognised by many other major brands, including Jaguar, BMW and Land Rover, too. 

With car theft disturbingly high during recent years, investing in a Trackstar is worth it, as this tracking device alone has recovered over £1M worth of BMW cars in the past 6 months. 

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