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How to Stop Car Windows From Fogging Up in Winter

9 Dec 2019 16:28:08

How to stop car windows from fogging up in the winter graphic

There’s nothing more annoying than stepping outside and opening your car to find the windows steamed up. Also, if your windows steam up while you’re driving, it could impair your vision which could lead to a dangerous situation.

We’re going to tell you why your windows steam up, how to stop it, and how to prevent it.


Why Do Car Windows Fog Up?

Air has many components, such as temperature and moisture content. Air contains a specific amount of these components, which affects the development of foggy windows.

At a specific temperature, moisture is released from the air, which will either frost or turn into water. The whole process is called condensation, and the specific point of change is called the dew point.

So, when you see droplets all over your windows, it’s condensation. Humidity escaping the air and taking refuge elsewhere.

To stop the windows condensing, you need to reduce the temperature in your car as the heat from your body and breath will make it worse. 


How to Clear Car Window Fog?

How to Clear window fog graphic

  1. Demister Pad - demister pads will clear the fog from your windows, and they’re easy to use. Just don’t use it while you’re driving.

  2. Air-Con - if your car has air-con, turn it on. It’ll help remove moisture from the air.

  3. Heater - heat will reduce the fog because the windows will go above the dew point.

  4. Release Air - don’t recirculate the heat around your car, the water needs an escape point, and fresh air needs to get in.

  5. Open a Window - not a great approach if it’s cold outside or raining, but sometimes necessary.


How to Prevent Car Windows From Fogging

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  1. Dehumidifier - a car dehumidifier is a sponge that sits on your dash, it’ll soak up any excess water and prevent it going on the windscreen.

  2. Clean Your Windows - if there’s a lot of dirt on the windscreen, it gives water more surface area to cling to, so give them a clean and minimise that area.

  3. Anti-Fog Coating - an anti-fog coating adds more protection to your windows and is a great winter addition.

  4. Remove Water - before you get in your car shake any rain or surface water off of your coat, bags or umbrella to minimise condensation.


Start Driving Clearly!

If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to keep your windscreen free from fog. Remember, if your screen does fog up and you can’t remove it, stop driving and pull over. 


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