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7 Tips for Keeping Your Car Warm in Winter

10 Dec 2019 16:46:48

6 Tips for Keeping Your Car Warm in Winter

If there’s one thing that isn’t fun about winter it’s getting in your car; it’s like stepping inside a hollow ice cube most days.

Although you can’t keep your car warm at all times in the winter months, there are certain tips and tricks that can help you when you need to get warm. Here they are:


1. Cover Your Windscreen

The windows are usually the main problem when you go to enter your car in the winter months. They either freeze up or they develop condensation as soon as you get in.

The solution is simple, a windscreen cover. You’ll be saving time scraping any ice away or using your heaters to defrost the screen. No frost means your car will get warmer quicker.

Read this guide for the full benefits.


2. Park in the Garage

While this might not prevent frost altogether (depending on how warm your garage is), it’ll work to some extent. And obviously, you have to have a garage.

If you can, team it with some of the other methods in this list you should be able to keep your car a little warmer.

 7 Tips for Keeping Your Car Warm in Winter

3. Get a Seat Warmer

Some cars come with under seat warmers, but if you aren’t living that life of luxury you could explore buying a seat warmer.

Seat warmers are fairly easy to install yourself, but your local garage shouldn’t charge too much to fit them. Get a nice, warm bum this winter!


4. Buy a Plug-in Heater

A great option if your car heater is damaged or you want to blast a little extra heat around the car. You can buy car heaters that plug into cigarette lighters, and if your car is modern you can plug it into a USB port.


5. Take Blankets

Who needs modern technology when you can get a warm, cosy good old-fashioned blanket to wrap around you during the winter months? Just ensure that you aren’t obstructing anything you need to drive with, like your hands and legs.

 7 Tips for Keeping Your Car Warm in Winter

6. Take a Warm Drink

The best way to warm yourself up is by having a nice warm drink - hot chocolate, coffee, tea, whatever takes your fancy. You could get yourself a thermal mug, so it warms your hands up while you drink it!


7. Wrap Up!

Hats, gloves and scarves are the classic method of keeping yourself warm. Okay, you may look a little odd when you’re driving around in full winter gear, but who cares if you’re warm? Get gloves with good grips as you don't want to compromise your grip on the steering wheel.


Keep Out the Cold this Winter

Let’s recap those seven points, so you know how to keep warm this winter: 

  1. 1. Cover Your Windscreen

  2. 2. Park in the Garage

  3. 3. Get a Seat Warmer

  4. 4. Buy a Plug-in Heater

  5. 5. Take Blankets

  6. 6. Take a Warm Drink

  7. 7. Wrap Up!

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