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Why invest in a premium car tracker?

22 Jul 2019 16:01:16


Choosing a cheaper car tracker might seem economical, but when your car's safety is in question, it’s a better idea to invest in something more expensive and more reliable.

Having a car is money-consuming, so it’s no surprise that some people try to save money on additional features. However, once a car is stolen or lost, you might face a by far bigger expense than you expected.

A top of the range car tracker is not a thing of luxury, but reliable protection your car deserves.


MonitorMonitor your car at all times

A GPS car tracker provides you with a non-stop insight into where your car is located. Whether you are home relaxing or sleeping, in a different city or country, or lending your car to a friend, good car trackers will send continuous information about the car’s whereabouts. This is especially useful in the case of theft, when such information can help the police track and recover your pride and joy.




InsuranceIs your GPS car tracker insurance approved?

Good car trackers are insurance approved and are installed by Thatcham approved installers (as all our trackers are here at Trackerfit). A reliable car tracker offers your car ultimate protection from theft and demonstrates that you are a repsonsible car owner, which may well result in lower premiums by your insurance provider.

You may have seen magnetic or portable car trackers online, and have been led to believe that these are a more affordable and convenient choice. But a wired in, insurance and Thatcham approved tracker with a backup battery is a much smarter and cost-effective choice in the long run - you only have to read the online reviews of cheap magnetic trackers to see that.


InvestmentA long-term investment 

The majority of the premium car trackers we offer are easily transferable to different vehicles. This means that you don’t have to worry about buying a new tracker once you switch your vehicle, making a high end car trackers a sound investment. Portble/magnetic trackers may also be "transferable", but they are also not wired into your car and therfore much more vulnerable and less reliable. A premium tracker is a savvy investment. 



Get your car tracker today

With each day you hesitate to buy a quality, wired in car tracker, your car is vulnerable to theft. Save money and your nerves long-term with the best car trackers on the market - call us today on 0800 756 5100 or 0330 99 3092. 

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