What is VHF Car Tracking?

15 Jun 2022 13:15:00

VHF refers to very high frequency signals, which are used in a range of communication systems, television, radio and car trackers. Unlike GPS or GSM signals, VHF can’t be jammed or blocked, which makes it an attractive choice for car tracking systems.

What is VHF?

You probably already use VHF without even knowing it: anytime you turn on the radio, in fact. However, whilst most of us are familiar with GPS thanks to Sat-Navs, VHF remains a mystery to many people.

VHF signals carry across long distances and still transmit through materials like concrete, metal and brick. This makes it more dependable than GPS or GSM, which can be blocked by man made structures like shipping containers or underground car parks, or jammed by other technology. It’s often used in military and maritime communication because of this.

VHF is a shorter wavelength than other signals, making it possible to transmit and receive signals on antennas short enough for hand-held devices like walkie talkies. This also means that they can be used in small security devices, including car trackers.

How do VHF car trackers work? 

A VHF car tracker works differently to your typical GPS car tracker. Whilst a GPS tracker monitors the vehicle’s location constantly, a VHF tracker is only triggered when the car is reported stolen. This can be seen as both a positive and a negative. On the plus side, this protects your privacy as your location can’t be tracked unless your vehicle is stolen. On the down side, you must report the car as stolen before tracking can commence. If you are on holiday or asleep when the car is stolen, the delay in reporting could give thieves enough time to chop the car for parts and abandon it. 

That’s why a lot of car trackers combine VHF and GPS technology. The GPS technology means that the tracking company can immediately alert to a theft and liaise with the police, providing real time updates on the vehicle’s location. The VHF signal will also be triggered, so that the vehicle can still be tracked even if thieves use a GPS jammer or hide the vehicle in an underground car park or shipping container.

What are the advantages of VHF car trackers?

  • Discrete placement - there is no visible antenna and it does not have to be hardwired into the car, meaning it can be hidden anywhere on the vehicle.

  • Resistant to jamming or blocking - VHF can’t be jammed or blocked by shipping containers or underground car parks.

  • Police compatible - all UK police forces use VHF, so they can easily track a stolen vehicle. 

  • Combined with GPS/GSM - most VHF car trackers still have GPS/GSM technology so you get the best of both worlds: 24 hour monitoring and defence against jamming.

  • 24 hour response - as soon as the vehicle is reported as stolen, the tracking company will get to work tracking your vehicle, providing the best chance of recovery.

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