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Revealed: The Top 5 Cars Most Likely To Be Stolen

25 Jun 2015 14:28:13

headerStatistics revealing the cars most likely to be stolen have been released and it doesn’t make good reading for all you BMW X5 owners! In fact it’s bad news for many BMW owners as the German car manufacturers make up 60% of the cars on the list…

The BMW X5 tops the list of hot wheels in the UK for the sixth year running as thieves take a shine to the classy 4X4. For those wishing they’d bought a Range Rover instead don’t be too disheartened, the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Vogue might not make it into the top 5 cars most likely to be stolen but they’re not too far off!   

It seems those discerning car thieves developed a more lavish taste last year, as the average value of stolen cars recovered was £25,600, two grand more than the previous year! Ooh and they’re becoming more cunning…     

Almost 50% of the cars stolen in 2014 were stolen without keys, as thieves are not being deterred by the latest keyless entry systems. Instead they’re upping their game and taking on some of the most complex keyless entry systems and succeeding, much to everyone’s annoyance!

So if you’ve got a luxury car sitting on your drive be warned! Car thieves could be targeting your most prized possession!

Top 5 Cars Most Likely To Be Stolen:

cars graphic5      BMW M5 - packing a prodigious 552bhp the M5 will get thieves from 0-62mph in just 4.3 seconds, now that’s nippy!

4      Audi S4 – It seems the more family orientated car thieves are looking for a more practical vehicle; the S4 is a spacious saloon.

3      Mercedes C Class – Who new thieves had such classy taste?

2      BMW M3 – love or hate the M3 it’s causing the police force to up their game, pronto! 

1      BMW X5 – it’s classy, pacey and costs a whopping £43,000, so no surprise it’s top of the list!

Whether your car is on the list or you’re thinking of purchasing a luxury vehicle, you can avoid the disappointment of your luxury vehicle falling into the hands of a criminal by installing a high quality car tracker

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Posted in News By Mike Farrar