The Best Car Trackers for Your Mini

12 Nov 2021 12:07:02

Small but mighty, your Mini is your pride and joy, likely the car that first captured your heart as a youngster and that you’ve dreamed of owning ever since. Ensure your Mini has the best protection by installing a Thatcham approved car tracker, so you can enjoy the experience of owning a Mini, whilst knowing you’re well protected against theft.

There’s Something Special About a Mini

Whilst they may not be the most expensive car out there, there is certainly still a prestige that comes with owning a Mini. There’s something about owning a Mini that is simply more sentimental than owning another car. Maybe it’s some sort of subconscious patriotism from seeing the Mini paraded with the Union Jack and celebrated as an iconic British car - well, if we skirt over the fact that it is now owned by BMW. Or maybe it’s from spending our childhoods watching the bumbling Mr Bean getting in and out of his yellow Mini, causing mayhem wherever he goes. Whatever it is, there’s no denying that there’s just something special about a Mini, which means it deserves the best protection going.

Protect Your Mini Against Theft

Investing in a Thatcham approved car tracker will give you peace of mind to know that, should a thief target your Mini, you’re protected and have the best chance of recovering your car. It could also potentially lower your insurance costs, as insurers know that car trackers provide the best protection for your car. This could make it a particularly good investment if you live in an area with a high crime rate.

Below we’ll list some of our favourite car trackers, so you can find one which suits your budget and needs.

SmarTrack 5+ with D-iD


This Thatcham approved car tracker offers a wide range of security features to protect your Mini, and is in the highest rated category of car trackers. It includes:

  • Driver Identification- it uses the driver’s mobile phone to identify whether the driver is present and will alert to a theft if the car is started without the authorised mobile present.

  • 24-Hour Monitoring- the system is monitored 24-hours a day at the Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centre, and those monitoring will contact police if a theft occurs.

  • GPS Tracking- the control room can follow the car’s movement.

  • Optional Immobilisation- the control room can immobilise a stolen car on police command to stop thieves in their tracks.

  • European coverage.

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ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5-VTS

This S5 car tracker is another great choice for your Mini, with security features including:

  • Automatic Driver Recognition- drivers are given 2 ID tags and if one is not present when the engine is started, the system will alert to a theft.

  • 24-Hour Monitoring- the system is monitored 24-hours a day at the control room and those monitoring will contact police in the event of a theft.

  • GPS Tracking- the control room can follow the car’s movement and you can track the location on demand using your laptop or phone.

  • Data- you can access data about your journeys including journey history, private/business mileage, driver behaviour and more.

  • European coverage.

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Tracker Retrieve

This battery-powered car tracker is also Thatcham approved. It comes with fewer security features, so it is also more affordable for those who can’t afford to splash out on the best car trackers. It includes the following features:

  • Can be tracked in underground car parks and containers.

  • Operates a unique very high frequency signal so it can be tracked.

  • Long-life battery and battery back up.

  • Nationwide support from the UK police force.

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