Why you should consider a Tesla Model 3 car tracker

19 Sep 2019 14:20:28

Why You Should Consider A Tesla Model 3 Car Tracker

The Tesla Model 3 car tracker is a must-have because the device functions using a Global Positioning System (GPS) which sends you a short message on your phone when the alarm goes off. In recent years, many people thought that GPS trackers were only designed for commercial vehicles, but they’re now becoming aware of the device’s benefits to personal car owners. When the tracker is installed, it constantly transmits data such as speed, time and location relayed via satellites and stored on computers. This device has numerous benefits.


Lower Your Insurance PremiumsLower your insurance premiums

Have you ever heard of black boxes? These are devices similar to car trackers that record vital data such as the driver’s speed. Black boxes are primarily designed by insurance companies for young, inexperienced drivers, but car trackers can be used by drivers of all ages. Once you install the Tesla Model 3 car tracker, you can present the data recorded to your insurance company as proof of being a careful driver. This way, you’ll get a discount on your premium quote.



Know The Location Of Your CarKnow the location of your car

Of course, you’ll always know the location of your car when you’re inside it or when it is parked. However, your car may be taken without your permission or worse still, get stolen. A car tracker will enable you to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle, thereby increasing your chances of recovering it if it is stolen. Even when you lend someone your car, you’ll have peace of mind because you’ll know where they are, in real-time.




Save Hassle And MoneySave hassle and money

Cars are vital in daily life so they too require special care. You can now save on the hassle that comes with tasks like scheduling of the engine service or other repairs. Car tracker systems send you reminders when the car requires to be serviced and even suggests what else should be done for proper maintenance of the vehicle.

All in all, the Tesla Model 3 car tracker will increase the recovery rate by revealing to the authorities the exact location of a missing car. You’ll rest easy when you know the location of your vehicle at all times.

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