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5 Quick and Easy Tips to Prevent Car Theft

10 Sep 2020 13:10:40

5 Quick and Easy Tips to Prevent Car Theft

For anyone that owns a vehicle, car theft is a worry! But there are some easy ways you can deter thieves and prevent your car from being stolen or broken in to. We’ve put together 5 tips:


1. Install an Anti-Theft Device 

 Install an Anti-Theft Device

Any anti-theft device will deter a thief, so it’s a good idea to get one installed.

When choosing a car to break into, thieves are typically looking for a car with minimal security that will be easy-to-access. They're unlikely to choose a vehicle with a visible anti-theft device installed because they take a lot of time and effort to remove, instead they will just move on to the next car.

Effective anti-theft devices include wheel locks, tire locks, tracking devices and even deterring stickers placed in the window stating there is security in place.

We stock a variety of professional vehicle trackers that will allow you to track down and retrieve your car without the thief ever knowing you’re on your way.


2. Hide Your Valuables 

Hide Your Valuables

From a criminal's point of view, the ideal car is one that's full of valuables. A common mistake made by car owners is leaving items in plain sight. Phones, laptops, sat-navs, chargers, money, handbags or backpacks are all common things that might be left in a car that will attract attention. Always make sure you take these items with you when leaving your car unattended or hide them in a concealed place. 

Keeping your car clean and tidy is also a good way to deter thieves. Untidy cars are more likely to attract unwanted attention because there's likely to be hidden valuables within the mess.

It’s also important to make sure there are no documents that contain your personal details on display, such as your name and address. This can lead criminals to your home and open you up to further theft.


3. Deter Thieves With Visible Security

Deter Thieves With Visible Security

Make sure your doors are locked and your windows are shut every time you leave your vehicle. This may seem like an obvious point, but you’d be surprised at how often car owners accidentally leave their cars unlocked and their windows open. 

Easy access and a lack of visible security are exactly what car thieves are looking for! The best way to deter criminals is to fit in a car alarm, get a sticker saying the vehicle is alarmed and install a car tracker.


4. Store Your Keys in a Secure Place

Store Your Keys in a Secure Place

Many modern cars have a keyless entry system that allows you to enter your car if the key is within range. Whilst keyless entry has removed the threat of thieves hot wiring a car, it now poses a new threat. Car thieves have developed systems that trick the car into thinking the device in their possession is the owner’s key fob from being within close proximity to the keys, allowing them to enter the car. 

Many people keep their car keys in their hallway, on a hook by the door or on the side downstairs which allows these devices to work. Make sure you keep your car keys in a secure place at a safe distance from your car to prevent this from happening.

Doing this will also prevent thieves from seeing your keys and trying your door to see if it’s unlocked to get them.

For more information on keyless car theft, see our blog post about How to Prevent Keyless Car Theft in 2020.


5. Tactical Parking

Tactical Parking

Simple parking techniques could prevent your car from being stolen! Not many people are aware of these tricks, but they work…

When parking in public, turn your wheels to face the pavement or the car you’re parked next to. As mentioned previously, thieves are looking for convenience and want to remain as inconspicuous as possible, so anything that will take more effort to move will be a hindrance. 

When parking at home, make sure to use your drive if you have one! This means the thief will have to come closer to your home which they generally don’t like doing.


Keep Your Car Safe

If you want to keep your car safe, it’s best to use one or more of the tips above. Remember, the more difficult your car is to access, the less attractive your car will be to thieves. 


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