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6 Things About Car Trackers You May Not Know

6 May 2015 14:35:55

6 things about car tracker you may not know


Many people are aware of the increasingly advanced technology that can help you track your car if it is stolen, but there are some things about car tracking devices which might surprise you.


real-time data provision

Real-time data provision

Gone are the days when the location of a tracked car was only accurate to within a certain distance – today’s trackers use the most sophisticated GPS technology around and are therefore able to provide information about where a car is in real-time. This means that you can use one of the mapping services available to find out exactly where your car is at any given moment.


Unusual usage services

If you use your car at regular times of the day or night, you will be able to predict if certain usage patterns indicate suspicious activity. There are systems that can be set up to alert you if your car is detected in motion outside these times.


remote engine shut-off

Remote engine shut-off

Some tracking systems can do more than just make a note of where your car is, they can actually help take action to prevent a thief from getting away in your car.

This is done using remote engine shut-off, which can kill the power if the car’s speed drops below a certain level, meaning that a thief cannot put any more distance between you and your car. This makes it easier to find and reduces the amount of damage done by a driver who might not have the health of your engine at the forefront of their mind.



 Saving you money

As well as keeping your insurance premiums down by reassuring your insurers about the likelihood of recovering your vehicle should it be stolen, tracking can also help you keep your fuel costs down. By giving you an accurate picture of your driving patterns and providing data about the journeys you make, you can work out how you could drive more efficiently and even how to plan your routes or time your journeys to ensure that you are saving as much as possible.


worldwide trackingWorldwide tracking

Although most cars are recovered in the country where they were stolen, if you travel a lot, you might wish to ensure that your vehicle can be tracked from wherever you are. If you are concerned about this, you can choose a tracker with European or even worldwide tracking to allow you to keep tabs on your vehicle wherever you might be headed.


Not just location

Your tracking device can monitor many things about your car, not just its location. You can remotely access data about fuel levels, alarm activation or anything else you might wish to know about your car.

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