The Best Car Trackers for a Tesla

5 Nov 2021 11:32:54


Tesla’s Market Value Soars

You may have seen in the news that Tesla has recently reached an astonishing market valuation of $1 trillion. Tesla is the only car maker to reach this milestone and one of only 5 companies to ever achieve this, including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and the owner of Google, Alphabet. 

Tesla owners are unlikely to be surprised by this. You know that Teslas are innovative, equipped with the latest technology and, as an electric vehicle, represent the future of driving. But all these things which make your Tesla so precious to you, also make it attractive to thieves.

Whilst Tesla cars do come equipped with some security features, insurers will often require a car tracker to be installed, as they know that this is the best way to protect against theft. So, you may be wondering what is the best Tesla car tracker? 

As Teslas are such an expensive and prestigious car, we would recommend choosing the best possible car tracking system. This is a category S5 Plus car tracker, which has a range of features to protect your car against theft.


S5 Plus Car Trackers

S5 Plus car trackers are Thatcham approved and include Automatic Driver Recognition technology. When you purchase this car tracker, you will be provided with 2 ID fobs, one of which must be present when the engine is started or the system will alert to a theft. This means that even sophisticated car thieves who use keyless technology cannot escape detection by the car tracker.

tracker s5 plus

These car trackers are also equipped with motion sensing technology, so it will still respond if thieves attempt to steal the car by towing or rolling it.

Should a theft occur, there is 24-hour monitoring in the control room and an operative will be alerted and contact police. They will also monitor your Tesla’s location using the GPS tracking system, so they can update police on where the car is.

Category S5 Plus trackers also include Remote Police Authorised Immobilisation. This means that those monitoring in the control room are able to remotely turn off the car’s engine on police command, quite literally stopping thieves in their tracks. This gives you the best possible chance of having your Tesla returned safely home to you.


Choose Tracker Fit For Your Tesla


Tracker Fit both supply and install the best Thatcham approved car trackers. Our engineers are fully qualified and offer a mobile service, so no matter how busy your schedule is, we’ll be able to fit your car tracker at a time and place that is convenient for you, whether that’s home, work or a garage.

Shop our S5 Plus car trackers below to protect your Tesla from theft.



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