Car Trackers Exeter

Car Trackers Exeter


exeter statOver the last 18 months vehicle crime in Exeter has been significantly higher than the rest of Devon, Cornwall and the Scilly Isles, with the average number of vehicle crimes per person being 3.56 compared to just 2.54.

With this in mind people in Exeter should consider using TrackerFit, specialists in car trackers Exeter they provide a straightforward, affordable and high quality solution that’s really easy to install. It really is a small price to pay for 24/7 protection – after all, what possession is worth more to you than your car?

At TrackerFit, we’re leading car tracker suppliers across the Exeter area, and we have a range of the biggest names in the industry in stock, including:


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This means we can supply devices whatever your vehicle make or model, with prices from under £200. Using one of our trackers could bring your insurance premiums right down and most insurers approve the devices we supply.


motion sensing graphicHow it works

A sophisticated car tracker uses the newest motor-sensing technology to recognise when your vehicle is being driven by someone who shouldn’t be driving it.

Secure Control Centres, staffed round the clock, work with Devon police until the vehicle is discovered, as soon as you’ve confirmed the theft.

What's The Difference Between Cat 5, Cat 6 And Cat 7 Trackers?


reduce insurance premiumsReduce Insurance Premiums

Did you know a sophisticated car tracker could also help reduce insurance premiums? Most insurance companies in the UK approve the car trackers we stock. Find out more about reducing your Insurance Premium.


thatcham approved graphicThatcham approved installation service across Exeter

Number one for car trackers Exeter we offer Thatcham approved free installation of your tracker across the city. We’ll install your car tracker at a time and place that best suits you.

Call us today on 0800 756 5100 (landlines) or 0330 999 3092 (mobiles) to see how we can make your car safer in Exeter and beyond.

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