Car Trackers Belfast

In Belfast, like anywhere else, cars thefts are sadly frequent. Indeed, in a 90-minute period in January 2013, five vehicles were stolen in the city when people left their engines running to “de-ice” their cars. An extreme example, but this does show how quickly your vehicle could simply be “gone”.

Installing a quality tracking device in your vehicle allows us to start to track it as soon as you let us known it has been stolen. We then liaise with the Police Service of Northern Ireland to help recover it for you.

The working tracker

Our trackers make use of motion sensing technology to help detect any illegal movement of your car. The moment we confirm with you that your vehicle has been stolen, a Secure Control Centre begins to track it.  These control centres are all manned 24 hours a day. Plus, all car trackers belfast we install have the additional peace-of-mind benefit of a battery back-up. Some of our trackers will continue to operate in the very unlikely event that your stolen car is then loaded into a container. They also work when a vehicle is in an underground car park.

Hassle-free tracker installation

The first piece of good news is that your tracker package will include free installation. This will be undertaken at a time which best suits you and this could even be as soon as the day after you call. Once the fitting is completed, your device will then be activated and commissioned with the Secure Monitoring Centre relevant to your car’s manufacturer.  Here’s some further good news - all our trackers are insurance approved. This means that many companies will be willing to offer you a policy discount once it is fitted.

About TrackerFit

For car trackers Belfast look no further. As soon as you contact us, our professional advice comes free and it’s backed-up with more than a quarter of a century’s experience in this industry. All our tracker packages offer terrific value-for-money. Naturally we only select and install top quality, proven trackers from award-winning manufacturers. Each member of our professional installation team is accredited by both the Mobile Electronics and Security Federation (MESF) and Thatcham (the not-for-profit motor insurers’ automotive research centre).

Your next step

Pick up your phone and call us for free here at 0800 096 3092. Our friendly, expert team will be please to discuss all your options and then sort everything out for you.  Do call now – otherwise there’s not much we can do if you look out of your window and see your car disappearing up the street!