The Importance of Insurance-Approved Vehicle Trackers

An insurance-approved vehicle tracker is quickly becoming an essential to modern day vehicle security. Some insurers may even insist that your vehicle is fitted with a tracker before they will cover you. Insurance approved trackers provide the best chance of recovering a stolen vehicle and have the added benefit of lowering your car insurance. We have hundreds of insurance-approved vehicle trackers available to browse on our website.

Some of our best car trackers

We have a great choice of car trackers available at TrackerFit, with something to suit every need and budget. Here are some of our top picks.

How an insurance-approved vehicle tracker works

Insurance-approved vehicle trackers use a tracking system to monitor your vehicle’s location 24 hours a day. This could be GPS, GSM, VHF or a combination of these systems. A remote operating centre will monitor your car’s location and immediately alert to any suspicious movement. In the event of a theft, they will contact the police, providing updates on its location. This gives the best chance of intercepting and recovering a stolen vehicle.

That is a basic summary of how vehicle trackers work, but depending on the category and model of tracker, your car tracker might feature more or less security features. For example, some car trackers may come with remote immobilisation. That means in the event of a theft, you can activate the immobiliser quite literally stopping thieves in their tracks.

How an insurance-approved vehicle tracker works

Insurance-approved vehicle trackers can be split into two categories: cat 7 and cat 5. This is determined by the insurance industry body, Thatcham. Thatcham test and categorise new car trackers, to make sure they meet rigorous industry standards. You can see the difference between cat 7 and cat 5 car trackers below.

Cat 7Cat 5
Tracking system
A Thatcham-approved car tracker must have a location tracking system, GPS, VHF or otherwise.
Yes Yes
24hr monitoring
A remote security centre will monitor your vehicle’s location at all times, so they can instantly react to theft.
Yes Yes
Driver identification device
The system will immediately alert to theft and inform the police if the vehicle is started without the device. This protects you against sophisticated keyless car thefts.
No Yes

Fleet Tracking

Insurance approved vehicle trackers aren’t just for personal use, but can also benefit businesses as well. Fleet tracking helps businesses manage resources, plan routes and cut down on costs. Businesses can see in real time where their vehicles are and allocate the nearest one to the appropriate job.

They can also see where drivers are getting stuck in traffic and divert them to another route. Some vehicle trackers even give feedback on driving ability, so you can cut down on fuel wastage. Fleet trackers are perfect for taxis, delivery companies and any other business that relies on drivers.

Some of our best fleet trackers are...

Save on Your Car Insurance

An insurance approved vehicle tracker can also save you money on your car insurance. Insurers recognise that car trackers provide the best chance of recovering a stolen vehicle, which means they don’t have to pay for a new one. Insurers often factor in this reduced risk and pass it on to the consumer as savings on their insurance. There is no guarantee that a car tracker will reduce your car insurance price, so it’s worth checking with your insurer first.

Choose TrackerFit

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