Mercedes Tracker

Mercedes Tracker

For many people, finally being able to say they own a fancy car such as a Mercedes is a dream, while the thought of it being stolen is most certainly a nightmare. Here at Trackerfit, we provide an impressively extensive range of insurance approved Mercedes trackers, meaning that, should your dream car suddenly disappear, the culprits will not get far before they feel the full weight of the law.

As well as being experts in Mercedes tracker devices, we are also aware that each customer is different, which is why our range of devices is as varied as the array of cars that we deal with. All of our devices are fitted by fully qualified engineers and approved by insurance companies. They also function right across Europe and offer customers 24-hour monitoring and a motion sensing alert system. Here is a quick guide to our different trackers and their respective advantages.

mercedes trackerTRACKER Monitor

Unlike our other devices, the TRACKER Monitor tracker only uses up and coming VHF (very high frequency) technology as opposed to GPS. Still extremely effective, the VHF option is aimed at those looking for a more affordable Mercedes tracker. This device will also continue functioning even if it finds itself in a container being transported out of the country.

SmarTrack Protector Pro

While offering the standard benefits mentioned above, the SmarTrack Protector Pro also makes it possible for you to monitor your own car on the internet via an app. So whether you are at the gym or on holiday, advanced GPS monitoring means that you can be sure your car is safe.

The trafficmaster RAC Tracker TM470

It doesn't get any more 21st century than tracking your car's position from your PC, and that is exactly what you get with the trafficmaster RAC Tracker TM470. The device also has the added bonus of being transferrable to your next car.

Cobra Track Plus with Web Access

With the Cobra Track plus, whether used as a Mercedes tracker or on a Ford Mondeo, you can pinpoint and track your car's position using a PC or your smart phone. Thieves will simply not know what has hit them when they realise that they never had a chance. Customers can also choose from a 12, 34 or 36 Volt device.

An additional perk when it comes to the Cobra Track Plus is the fact that this tracker remains effective even outside of Europe, in 36 countries no less.

At Trackerfit we know the value our customers place on their cars, and by offering the latest in theft prevention technology we endeavour, in conjunction with police forces up and down the country, to put their minds at ease. How do we do this? Simple - we offer the best products at affordable prices.


So if you’re looking to invest in a Mercedes tracker and require more information on the products we supply then feel free to call us today on 0800 096 3092.