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Managing and streamlining your business’s logistics is fast becoming a top priority in today’s uncertain economic climate. We offer bespoke fleet tracking systems that help you keep track of your company’s vehicles, wherever they may be.

Always on time

Receive up to the minute data on all your vehicles across the UK and Europe. Our real-time fleet tracking systems make sure your finger is always on the pulse, enabling you to plan time-efficient routes, manage your drivers and resources, and reduce the chances of vehicle theft.

Our product range

We offer a range of competitively priced, feature rich fleet tracking systems which are ideal for meeting all your company’s needs. We will help you choose the best fleet tracker to suit your needs, catering to every business regardless of size and industry.

Trafficmaster Fleet Director - £249.00 including fittingTrafficmaster Fleet Director

  • Trafficmaster Fleet Director offers instant email alerts which allow you to stay in control of all your vehicles without leaving your central office hub.
  • Using the integrated call system you can make direct calls to your drivers while they’re on the road so it’s easy to stay in touch with your workforce and give them up-to-date instructions.
  • This system ensures increased safety and security for vehicles and drivers, providing you with real-time data that allows the police to track down stolen vehicles.
  • The system includes emergency breakdown cover as part of the price.
  • Trafficmaster gives you real-time fleet analytics so you can be sure your fleet is working to maximum efficiency.

BOX-Tracker – £299.00 including fitting BOX Tracker

  • This versatile product is ideal for all vehicles, including cars, vans and HGVs.
  • BOX-Tracker lets you manage all of your fleet’s movements down to the smallest detail, with accurate up-to-date satellite and street view mapping.
  • Use this system to locate all of your mobile workers and allocate the nearest drivers to new jobs and tasks while they’re on the road.
  • Keep track of your mileage claims and fuel consumption with integrated fleet analytics systems.

SmarTrack uTrack - £299.00 including fittingSmarTrack uTrack

  • SmarTrack uTrack sends updates to your PC every minute on your fleet’s progress.
  • The system will notify you about traffic congestion, delays, road works and diversions, allowing you to easily redirect your fleet as and when needed.
  • An annual subscription with enhanced features is available for as little as £98.40.

ScorpionTrack FleetScorpionTrack Fleet ST70 - £285.00 including fitting

  • This premium product is 100% web based, meaning there’s no software to install. Additionally, you can use this system anywhere you can connect to the internet, giving you total flexibility.
  • ScorpionTrack uses innovative and unique technologies to bring you the best in fleet tracking, increasing your company’s productivity.
  • This fleet tracker features precise tracking that you can access anywhere, any time, giving you complete control of your fleet.

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