Car Trackers Yorkshire



If you're looking for car trackers in Yorkshire, Tracker Fit are here to help. With a huge range of benefits, it's a sensible solution to many issues, and could save you money, time and worry in the long run.

We supply and fit vehicle trackers from leading manufacturers, with something to suit any need. From commercial vehicles to private cars and vans, you won't regret choosing a new tracking system when you see all the advantages we can bring.

Anti-theft TrackingAnti-theft Tracking

We all use our cars so often, they become vital for day to day living. If your car was stolen, how difficult would it be to go about your routine? How would you manage without your car? Anti-theft tracking devices can be fitted to ensure that should your car be stolen, it can be quickly located and hopefully returned to you in one piece by the police. These tracking devices use satellite communication to pinpoint the whereabouts of the vehicle, and can feed back information as to whether the vehicle is on the move or stationary. This information will help the police retrieve your vehicle for you.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Vehicle theft leads to a lot of insurance claims each year, so insurance companies are keen to reward drivers who take extra measures against theft and add as much security as possible to their vehicles. One such insurance-approved method is the fitting of vehicle trackers, which are designed to reduce loss in the event of theft by quickly locating the missing vehicle. By fitting a vehicle tracker in your car or work van, you could see your insurance premiums greatly lowered and make some fantastic savings. Your tracker will soon have paid for itself!

Commercial Vehicle Monitoring

Commercial Vehicle Monitoring

Car trackers are also perfect for keeping tabs on your fleet vehicles, and for receiving data as to those vehicles' use, performance and other useful information. Not sure that your delivery drivers are using the most efficient routes? Checking up on a team member who is out on the road? Tracking a delivery for a customer?

GPS tracking can show you the location of your vehicles in real-time, and give you access to a range of data that helps you tighten up your vehicle use and get the best from your fleet and team.


There are lots of great reasons to choose Tracker Fit, and to install car trackers in Yorkshire and surrounding areas. As a skilled and professional team, you can rely on us to deliver a great result at a low price. Your vehicle tracker will deter potential thieves, help police locate your car if theft does occur, and help you keep an eye on your commercial vehicles. For more information on car trackers Yorkshire feel free to get in touch, call us on 0113 360 6554