Car Trackers Nottingham

Car Trackers Nottingham


According to the Office of National Statistics, over 370,000 vehicles are stolen each year in the UK, accounting for approximately one-third of all reported crime in the country. Despite its illegality, vehicle crime is a hugely profitable business, and car thieves are consistently thinking up more elaborate ways to steal vehicles – particularly across Britain, which boasts the largest car crime per-capita record in Europe, with one car owner in ten becoming a victim of auto crime.

Car Trackers NottinghamCar theft can mean a lot more than simply having to take the bus home. Having to deal with your insurance company can be time-consuming, and there’s the added stress of having to spend more time and money getting to and from work, along with the fact that you may have incurred the loss of personal possessions kept within your vehicle. On top of this, you could risk losing your no-claims bonus, and you might even need to consult a solicitor or go to court in order to reclaim your car if it has been sold by a criminal. All told, dealing with car theft is nothing short of a nightmare.

Of course, one of the simplest ways to avoid becoming another vehicle theft statistic is to ensure your vehicle has a car tracker installed – particularly if you regularly park on the street or leave your car unattended for prolonged periods of time.

Car Trackers NottinghamAs a number one supplier of Car Trackers Nottingham, Trackerfit offers nationwide car tracker installation, providing trackers with incredibly advanced location detection solutions encompassing GPS, mobile phone and motion sensor technology which facilitates recovering stolen vehicles with the minimum of fuss. With the most competitive prices in the business, everybody can afford to ensure the safety of their vehicle with Trackerfit.

What’s more, opting to install a car tracker could actually help save you money in the long run – by informing your insurer that you have a dedicated car-tracking system installed, you could drive your premiums down considerably. Trackers also serve as a deterrent – thieves are much more reluctant to attempt to steal a car with a display notice advising would-be criminals that it’s fitted with a tracker.

Car trackers recognise the illegal movement of a vehicle using motion detection technology, upon which the owner is notified of the irregularity. Once the owner has confirmed the theft of the vehicle, staff at a 24/7 manned secure control centre will begin tracking the vehicle whilst liaising with the local constabulary until the vehicle has been recovered.

As the number one supplier of car trackers Nottingham and beyond, Trackerfit have a wide range of trackers available to suit all budgetary requirements – why not contact us today? Our team of experts are on-hand to offer friendly, impartial advice on how a car, van or motorhome tracker could secure your vehicle today.