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headerWhilst natioal car crime rates have dropped over the last 12 months, Middlesex continues to be a hot spot for car theft, with 72,024 incidents being reported in the last 12 months.

Recent figures suggest more than a third of vehicles in London have been stolen using a high-tech trick to gain entry to the vehicle without the owner's keys.

more than a third graphicThieves use an advanced method to "grab" the security code sent when an owner uses their electronic key. A duplicate device is then created which lets the car thieves open the car's door without setting off the alarm.

Therefore the need to protect your vehicle is greater than ever, luckily TrackerFit offer a cost effective solution that can increase security, reduce insurance premiums and help in the recovery of your stolen vehicle should the unthinkable happen, a highly sophisticated car tracker!


Number one for car trackers Middlesex TrackerFit supply and install feature rich car tracks for all makes and model of vehicle

Utilising the most advanced tracking, global positioning and motion sensing technology a sophisticated car tracker provides around the clock protection whilst also reducing insurance premiums. Other features of a high quality car tracker include:

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We estimate that in the UK the police have recovered £466,000,000 worth of vehicles because of car trackers; the stats speak for themselves.

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How Car Trackers Work

Once you’ve confirmed the theft of your vehicle Secure Control Centres, which are manned 24/7, will work alongside Middlesex Police Force until your vehicle is found.

Thatcham Approved Installation On All Car Trackers in Middlesex!

With a team of Thatcham approved engineers we offer a FREE installation service at a time and place that best suits you in the Middlesex area!


What Next?

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