Car Trackers London

Owning a new vehicle is an exciting and thrilling experience. Perhaps you've just purchased the new Land Rover Discovery to cruise around town in style. Or you may be investing in the brand new Ford Transit Custom to get you to and from the job efficiently. Whatever your situation may be, there's no denying the excitement that comes with the features and functionality of a brand new vehicle.


Why you need a car tracker if you're in London

In London, however, there is a certain amount of risk that comes with new vehicle ownership. All those brand new features and parts make your new car or van an appealing prospect for thieves, and with the huge population in London, there is no shortage of those thieves. In the last quarter of 2017, there were more than 26,000 vehicle-related crimes committed, and in many cases a person's stolen car is never found.

There are many security features that are built in to new vehicles, many of which make stealing them a challenging goal for thieves. Nevertheless, they find ways, and once a vehicle has been taken, tracking it down can be pot luck.


Cutting edge, tracking technology

Manufacturers often fit some kind of vehicle tracker on new vehicles. But to give you maximum peace of mind, you want to have the latest, most cutting edge tracking technology installed in your vehicle so you know it will be found if the worst happens. At Trackerfit, we supply car trackers in London from the most reliable brands that feature high tech location and global positioning functions to give the best chance of recovering a vehicle that is stolen.



How does car tracking in London work?

Once you call and arrange everything with us, we will install your tracker for free. The latest installation techniques are used to ensure your device is installed discretely, ensuring the average thief will not be able to detect it. After installation, if your vehicle is stolen then the tracker will recognise the illegal movement and transmit a notification of the theft. Once the theft is confirmed, tracking will begin from a Secure Control Centre where operators will liaise with police to recover your vehicle.



What's not to love?

With Trackerfit, you get the most effective car trackers London has to offer, giving you peace of mind that your new vehicle is protected against being stolen and never recovered. You may also enjoy the savings a GPS tracker can afford you, as many insurers will lower premiums on cars that have a quality tracking device installed.





Get in touch with one of our experts today on 0203 198 2299 to get advice and ask any questions you may have. You want your new vehicle to be protected at all times, and cutting corners on that simply isn't worth the risk!