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Car Trackers Edinburgh From Tracker Fit






It’s estimated over 1 million vehicles are affected by vehicle crime every month in the UK, which means the need to protect your vehicle is greater than ever. Therefore if you’re looking for car trackers in Edinburgh then look no further than TrackerFit

Car trackers can be fitted to cars of all ages and manufacturers, so whether you’ve recently purchased a new car and want to protect your investment or perhaps you simply want peace of mind knowing your most prized possession will be tracked if the worst was to happen, your car will be traced 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Tracker Fit - Pin Point Accuracy Latest Technology

Equipped with the latest GPS, GSM and VHF tracking technology, our selection of car tracking devices are installed discretely and could prove the difference between finding your vehicle and never seeing it again should it be stolen.

Motion sensing technology highlights any illegal movement of your car, which will reduce the risk of your vehicle falling victim to tow away theft.

Manned Control Centres

Once you’ve reported your car as being stolen our team of control centres, up and down the UK, will work closely with the police to locate your vehicle and return it as quickly as possible.

In most cases we help safely recover a stolen vehicle in less than an hour, which is why we are number one for car trackers in Edinburgh.

Expert Advice and Service

Here at TrackerFit we have a team of Thatcham-approved engineers who can offer outstanding advice and guidance if you’re struggling to select a tracking device best suited to your vehicle.

With over 25 years experience we’ve fitted tracking devices to a whole range of cars including Range Rovers and Ferraris! So no matter what car you own we guarantee we’ll be able to find a solution for all your car tracking requirements. 

If you’re looking for car trackers Edinburgh and want free installation then look no further than TrackerFit, for more details call us on 0141 343 7798.