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Vehicles are one of the most important assets a person will own. Whether for business, work or personal, the impact and inconvenience of being without a vehicle can be far-reaching. More and more people are turning to GPS car trackers in Berkshire for peace of mind and reassurance that should anything happen, it can be resolved quickly and easily.


Vehicle crime in Berkshire is on the increaseVehicle crime in Berkshire is on the increase

Worryingly, statistics from Thames Valley Police, who cover Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, are showing vehicle crime is increasing every year. From 11,367 reported thefts in 2014 to 15,117 in 2017, that is a jump of 13.7% in just four years.

In January 2018 alone there were 1,409 reported crimes, compared with 1,172 in January 2017, suggesting 2018 could well be on track for a further increase. The stress the theft of a car can cause is huge, but it is possible to plan for this eventuality when you use GPS car trackers Berkshire wide.


Give yourself that peace of mindGive yourself that peace of mind

Whether you are a private car owner or managing a fleet of commercial vehicles, it makes absolute sense to invest in car trackers in Berkshire. Using a GPS tracking system you will be able to see the exact location of your car or vehicle at all times. And so will the authorities.

Having a GPS car tracker will not only make it easier for the police to intercept and arrest the offender if your vehicle is stolen, it will also increase your chances of being reunited with the vehicle before too much damage is done.



Certain more sophisticated trackers can even go one step further and prevent the vehicle from leaving a specific area or route by blocking the engine.

You won't just get peace of mind from theft. You can also get help if you run into trouble. All GPS trackers come with a handy SOS alert if you suddenly find yourself in need of assistance.

Should you even need to prove your vehicle's location to resolve a dispute - for example, that you were not parked where you should not be - then car trackers can save you a lot of aggravation.


Invest in a car tracker and save yourself moneyInvest in a car tracker and save yourself money

In the long run you could actually save money. Insurers who know a driver is safe and responsible will reflect that in lower premiums. A tracker also gives the assurance that they are less likely to pay out huge payments in the event of a theft.

Tracking devices can even provide information about how to avoid traffic, information on fuel consumption and average speed. You can use this information to reduce your fuel costs.


Once purchased we will even send a Thatcham approved technician to install the tracker for you, so you can have peace of mind almost immediately.

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