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What’s the worst thing that could happen to a car without a tracker? It could get stolen and dismantled up for parts. It could be used for crime. If you own a fleet of vehicles, perhaps these aren’t among your biggest concerns, but how you keep track of every vehicle should be.


Real-time tracking allows fleet managers to easily control the entire fleet from a screen.

You can't put a price on peace of mind

For individuals, a car tracker can be the difference between having some peace of mind and having to check that your car is still there every five minutes. For businesses, it is a necessity, and this is why.

Real-time vehicle tracking allows fleet managers to easily control the entire fleet from a screen. Furthermore, a tracker allows drivers to map the shortest routes to their destinations, reducing the vehicle’s carbon footprint significantly. Besides, try explaining to your customers why they can’t monitor their deliveries in real time. It might seem small, but car trackers can give you an edge over the competition.



Car trackers keep your most valuable asset safe from theft

World class vehicle tracking service

If you’re looking for reliable car trackers Reading offers world-class vehicle tracking services. Wireless vehicle tracking technology has given us the ability to gather data about your vehicle’s whereabouts in such detail that you can easily reconstruct your movements over a month through your tracking history.

We sell car trackers Reading-wide, so whether you’re a business or an individual that wants to protect their assets as well as map their vehicle’s movements, we are the professionals to consult. Car tracking keeps your most valuable asset safe from theft, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With it, you can also monitor how your employees are spending their time on the road, saving you money by allowing you to observe everyone’s daily contribution to the company.

Delivery companies see fewer orders getting mixed up or lost in the wind when they can accurately track the location of their fleet at all times. Communication is made infinitely better when you can accurately log arrival and departure data into a computer in order to have a baseline of the time required to cover certain distances. It is a win-win for everyone who opts for vehicle tracking services, which is the easiest way to know where your car is no matter where you are.

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