Audi e-tron tracker

Audi e-tron Tracker

Audi is world-renowned for reliability. However, does that same trust factor extend to all its relevant gizmos and gadgets, particularly specialist car tracking options for the e-tron series of electric and hybrid vehicles?

The team at Tracker Fit believe the answer is an empathetic YES. In fact, having a specialist designed and skilfully configured GPS tracking device in your e-tron is plain common sense.

As they are such aspirational and attractive vehicles, probably the best question to ask is can you afford NOT to fit an Audi e-tron car tracker?

The Benefits of GPS tracking for e-tron vehiclesThe benefits of GPS tracking for e-tron vehicles

For a start, car tracking devices have been proven to be a highly effective deterrent. Anything that makes would-be car thieves hesitate, must be worth considering. Fit an advanced tracker to your Audi e-tron and the level of technology involved sends a clear message that stealing this car is a no-go! 

The TrackerFit team also knows that having the ability to trace your stolen Audi e-tron quickly will greatly increase your chances of getting it back safely, and undamaged. At the very least, having an Audi e-tron tracker installed gives you valuable information to pass on to the police!


Are there more benefits to retro fitting Audi e-tron trackers?Are there more benefits to retro fitting Audi e-tron trackers?

Using an Audi Thatcham Approved Tracking System is something your insurance company will recognise in a favourable light. How sophisticated are Audi e-tron car trackers these days? This too is an emphatic answer from the specialist TrackerFit team – VERY!

The latest GPS car tracking technology used in these models is incredible, and includes advanced functions to avoid signal jamming, as well as excellent battery backup and trackers with illegal motion sensors.

 As soon as your Audi e-tron falls into the wrong hands, your car tracker will send a reliable message to HQ, and the signal pings instantly around towers scattered throughout the UK, and at UK ports. There will be no place to hide your precious vehicle!

There are cheap car tracking devices that can be used in Audi e-tron models, but why risk your whole car disappearing? Vehicle security can be far more assured, by employing TrackerFit’s advanced location technology and latest global positioning for your Audi e-tron.