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How does a tracker device on your car work?

15 May 2019 15:05:47

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Having a car tracker has several benefits. In fact, your insurer will ask whether you have it installed when buying car insurance. But how exactly does a tracker device work?


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Uses GPS to track the location of your vehicle

A tracker device uses the global position system (GPS) to track the location of your vehicle. The GPS network uses the signal of at least 30 satellites. A car tracker is fitted with a receiver which captures the signal from the three or four nearest satellites. It then records the details of each satellite at each given time. 

The receiver determines the satellite distance by measuring how long it takes the signal to reach the receiver based on when the signal was sent. The tracker uses this information about the distance and location of the three satellites to determine the location of your car. The car tracker is able to determine your car’s altitude if it uses data from four satellites. 

Car trackers are either active or passive. Active trackers send data in real time while passive trackers need to be connected to a computer to show the tracking data.


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They’re deeply installed in your car’s system

Car trackers are usually installed deeply within your car’s mechanical innards and integrated with the car’s operation system. This acts as a precaution against thieves. If someone steals your car, he will not manage to remove the tracker, but in case he does remove it, the car won’t start. 

If you have a tracker installed in your car, then insurers offer your cheaper quotes than someone who doesn’t have a tracker. This is because if the car is stolen and the tracker leads the insurer to your vehicle, then they will not have to pay you for a replacement. If you don't have a tracker installed in your vehicle, the insurer considers you as a potential risk. Because of this, they charge you higher premiums than someone who has a tracker installed.


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Why a sat nav cannot be used to track your car

Since a sat nav is portable and isn’t directly connected to your vehicle, it cannot be used to track your vehicle. If someone steals your car, he can easily remove it and use it on another vehicle or even sell it. This makes it hard to confirm that the location of the sat nav is similar to the location of your car. 

However, you can increase the chances of getting your sat nav back in case it’s stolen by registering it with immobilise. It’s highly advisable that you don’t save your home address on your sat nav as it can easily lead thieves to your home.

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