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Are car trackers specific to manufacturer or model?

25 Jul 2019 11:18:31

Are trackers specific to vehicle manufacturers or models?

When investing in a good car tracker, you should be well informed about its features. One of the most important pieces of information is whether it is make and model-specific.

If you are investing in a car tracker, making sure it is a good fit for your car, and checking if you can use it with other vehicles in the future is smart buying. It goes without saying that better car trackers tend to be more expensive, but choosing ones that can be used with multiple manufacturers and models, should you decide to buy another car, is a cost-effective decision in the long run.


Cheaper TrackersCheaper trackers and their fit

Cheaper car trackers are usually easily transferable to other vehicles - as they are often "portable" or "magnetic". But while this may make them easy to move around, it also limits their security and reliability. Premium car trackers are properly fitted by a Thatcham approved installer, making them secure, discrete and trustworthy. 




Transferable TrackersTransferable car trackers

Not all GPS car trackers are transferrable to other vehicles, but the majority of our devices fit more than one model or make and can be moved, even if wired into your car. Plus, you can use a great number of our trackers with different vehicles, such as cars, caravans, trailers or motorcycles.

For example, Trackstar and Vodaphone trackers are approved by a large number of manufacturers (and insurers) - head to our Manufacturer Recommends page to see which trackers are recommended for your car.


EnquireEnquire before buying

We encourage you to contact us before choosing the most appropriate car tracker for your vehicle. Although we offer detailed information online about which tracker models can be used with different manufacturers, it is always useful to take direct advice from a professional that will suggest a car tracker suitable for your specific car model. Feel free to get int touch today on either 0800 756 5100 or 0330 999 3092 for free advice. 


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