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Range Rover Trackstar S7

  • Insurance-approved.
  • Motion sensing.
  • 24 hour monitoring.
  • Pan-European cover as standard.
  • Approved by Range Rover.
  • Transferable to your next vehicle.
£199.00 Fully Fitted (inc VAT)
RRP £399.00

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£199.00 Fully Fitted (inc VAT)

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£199.00 Fully Fitted (inc VAT)

About This Range Rover Trackstar S7

Teletrac Navman Range Rover Trackstar Tracker: Insurance-approved (ThatchamTQA) + CAT6 / S7 approved vehicle tracking device.

Suitable for all makes and models.

Price includes: Nationwide Installation at home or at work, fitted by a Trackstar-approved engineer.


  • Protection against illegal movement of your vehicle, via its unique motion sensor detector.
  • Full battery back-up, ensuring your vehicle is protected in the event of the battery being disconnected.
  • The system automatically arms when the ignition is switched off.
  • Endorsed by all police authorities.
  • Insurance-approved – may reduce premiums.
  • Recovery of assets from as little as eight minutes.
  • 24 hour monitoring.
  • 12 volt.
  • Thatcham Category 6 / S7 approved.
  • Battery alert if car power disconnected.
  • Includes nationwide installation by a certified engineer.

The Range Rover Trackstar car tracker is an insurance-approved security product that is one of the best ways to deter car thieves. In fact, this car tracking device is accredited by the Thatcham Motor and Insurance Repair Research Centre, meaning you could actually qualify for lower insurance premiums.

Created by Teletrac Navman Automotive, (formerly Trafficmaster) the Range Rover Trackstar comes recommended by the Range Rover brand itself.

How Range Rover Trackstar Car Trackers Work

Using leading GPS technology, Range Rover Trackstar can pinpoint the location of a stolen vehicle, tracking it continuously every 20 seconds. This means that, if the worst should happen, your car is located and recovered as quickly as possible.

The Range Rover Trackstar is a small covert electronic device installed in your vehicle. Using state-of-the-art technology such as GPS (Global Positioning Satellite), GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications) and an integrated motion detector, these innovative car trackers can accurately locate your vehicle in the event of a theft.

Why Choose a Range Rover Trackstar Car Tracker?

Vehicle theft is an unfortunate part of modern living, and the ever-increasing sophistication of car and key theft means you don't always know who is around the corner. Vehicle theft is as inconvenient as it is distressing, and there is a strong possibility that, without Trackstar vehicle tracking, your vehicle may never be recovered.

Trackstar, by Teletrac Navman Automotive, is the UK's best-selling GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking system. It is approved by more than 20 major car manufacturers, and is the only stolen vehicle tracker approved by Jaguar, BMW, Land Rover and Range Rover.

Trackstar not only tracks your vehicle: it liaises with police on your behalf, and if your vehicle is moved without the use of its keys, will notify our team immediately. After all, the key to recovery is speed.

Just under half a million vehicle-related thefts were reported last year*, and in six months, Trackstar recovered a total value of £1,082, 062 worth of BMW cars alone.

Range Rover Trackstar Subscription Options: (PAYABLE TO TRACKSTAR PRIOR TO INSTALL)

  • Yearly subscription: £168
  • Three year subscription: £399

Subscription must be paid to Trackstar at least 24 hours prior to installation in order for your device to be set up and tested

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