The BOX-tracker is a GPS vehicle tracking device that enables users to monitor and manage their vehicles - no matter where they are.

As part of the BOX-tracker package, a user friendly reporting program is included. Spoton is a simple Windows-based tracking program which provides accurate real time (minute-by-minute) updates, showing the location, direction and speed of a tracked vehicle.

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  1. BOX-tracker

    BOX-tracker: Ideal for cars, vans, HGVs and fleet management.

    Suitable for all makes and models.

    Price includes: Nationwide Installation at Home / Workplace, fitted by a Box Approved Engineer.

    • Detailed and accurate tracking with Up-to-date Mapping
    • Minute-by-minute updates.
    • Locate ALL of your mobile workers.
    • Allocate the nearest driver to the job.
    • Confirm and corroborate mileage claims
    • Switch between street-level mapping & satellite maps with one click.
    £299.00 Fully Fitted (inc VAT)